The Suppository of Wisdom


Arnie Comes to Get Your Debt??

This week, Sol and Nicola discuss what’s going on in the Middle East. Why is Donald Trump waiting for Saudi Arabia’s instructions? Nicola breaks down why people launching a class action against the government’s controversial RoboDebt scheme is important, and Sol talks about the scandal erupting over Liberal MP Gladys Liu.


How Good is Australia??

This week on the podcast, Sol and Nicola talk about the ongoing protests in West Papua - which are similar to the Hong Kong protests in the sense that the people simply want independence. Also, what the heck is going on with brexit? What is a prorogue and why is the British Parliament not happy with it? The Adani coal mine is also back in the news again, and it's not great either. Confused on what all the news about the Tamil family from Sri Lanka is about? Join Nicola and Sol on this week's episode of The Suppository of Wisdom and all will be explained.


A Vine and a School Report

This week Nicola and Sol dive deep into some big topics from the couple of weeks. Pacific Islanders aren't terribly happy with Australia at the moment. Why? What did we do? Also, find out why Sol needs a Panadol when discussing the US and China Trade War.


Hong Kong: a City in Crisis [SPECIAL EDITION]

This week, Nicola and Sol present a special edition of the show about the ongoing Hong Kong protests. They go from the beginning of the Hong Kong history to what's happening now, explaining all the bits and pieces of who's who and what's what. Additionally, they invite a special guest on the show who has personally witnessed the protests develop and gives us some special insight on what they've experienced.


Unexpected China in the Bagging Area

And we're back! Season 2 is now on the roll and Sol and Nicola have kicked it off with some huge headlines from the past few weeks. What did Crown Casino do to get in trouble - and why are the Chinese involved? Brexit, Boris Johnson, and October 31st – why is the UK in a sticky situation? What’s up with NewStart? And why is Kashmir in the headlines again? What’s the deal with the bickering tension between India and Pakistan? Find out this week on The Suppository of Wisdom.



In the final episode of the Suppository of Wisdom’s first season, Nicola and Sol follow up on the America-Iran situation. They also discuss Angus Taylor and what Sol has dubbed ‘grassgate’, The Australian Conservatives, Israel Folau, and Energy Policy!


Notre Drama

This week, Sol and Nicola take a look at the oil tankers blown up in the Gulf of Oman. Why is the US blaming Iran? Are there weapons of mass destruction? Also discussed, the unnecessarily complicated situation surrounding the restoration of the Notre Dame, the massive Hong Kong protests, and the outcry over a union boss’s comments. 


How Good is 1984??

This week, Sol and Nicola ask themselves “How good is 1984?” After the recent raids on news organisations this week, are we seeing the beginning of an Orwellian state? Also discussed, why Uber drivers aren’t considered 'employees' and why fantastic, great move, well done Angus Taylor is in the news again


“A Dirty Filthy Disgusting Word”

This week on the podcast, Sol and Nicola take a break from Australian politics and swing towards the US as Trump has dominated headlines this past week. They also take a look at the topic of the economy and interest rate cuts. How does it all work and why does it affect you?


Theresa May(be not)

This week, Sol and Nicola finally discuss the elephant in the room of international news these days, Brexit. They also talk about how regional NSW is running out of water, how Sol's old area in Sydney got a train, and how Donald Trump doesn't like sumo wrestling.