The Suppository of Wisdom


The one where Sol stuffs up a segue

October 10, 2019

Seeing as last week was quite a heavy dose of depressing news, Nicola and Sol thought they might shake things up a bit and give you a good news and good news only podcast! Ranging from weird and wacky news headlines, to pure and feel good news stories, they have it covered. Who is buckethead the kangaroo? Australia has the cleanest what now?? And what is the deal with the Northern Territory’s news headlines? Over in America, Trump is in hot water with Nickelback and speaking of hot water, someone did something very sketchy to a kettle…. Also a 12 year kid has started his own business and is bringing smiles to a lot of kids, want to know why? Join Nicola and Sol on this week's episode of the Suppository of Wisdom and find out what's been going on.